Bee Productive


No, it isn’t a spelling mistake. It is intentional. I make a living explaining why Productivity is important and thereby why folks should pay for solutions to make them more productive Smile

I do plan to use this blog (sometimes) to write a little more than the tile and typically this would be around something that has me raving mad about why/what people do or something related to what I observe.

DISCLAIMER: These are my personal opinions and have no bearing for/against what I do for a living i.e. sell productivity solutions.

We have enough and more people (read consultants) talking about productivity of all things including people, nations, committees, JPC, etc … however very few folks ever help defining it properly, so here we go


  • 1. rate of production: the rate at which a company produces goods or services, in relation to the amount of materials and number of employees needed
  • 2. ability to produce: the ability to be productive

This is simple enough for me to understand and as is obvious the concept stems from an industrial revolution theory of being able to make more saleable things in a shorter period of time with at the least the same if not higher level of quality and lower number of defects while ensuring that the cost of the goods stays the same or reduces so that the final profit margins can be increases. Whew!!! (Yes – I was a consultant)

Simply put the only true measure for productivity is profit and maybe happiness, but profit is the only true measure. Saving time is a natural outcome but has little to no value unless it can be used to increase profits.


Now the Bee bit – everyone (especially the org hierarchy) wants you as an individual to be productive. Thinking about this led me to the creature that is probably the most ‘productive’ is the BEE. Seems to always be (pun unintended) working generating more honey of better quality and also assisting in pollination. The end result (profit) from the productivity of a BEE is fantastic and only keeps getting better. Watch the BEE MOVIE to get a perspective.

I do expect (sometime) to be posting my random thoughts here related to Productivity and will make a concerted effort to tag them as the Bee Productive or Productive Activity categories rather than creating yet another blow which I need to manage/maintain and populate – Told you I was lazy.

Now this isn’t supposed to be just me raving and ranting about what I think should be the state of affairs. Do feel free to join in on the conversation. As people who have had the misfortune of working with me will tell you, nothing encourages me to converse more than sharing opinion, so PLEASE do contribute and lets make this a little more FUN.


Bee Productive


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