Video Resumes & job postings

I do think that it is time for us to reinvent the traditional concept of the resume. I created my first resume when in college. As you can imagine it was very short and didn’t have much to say then. During the course of the next few years the document kept expanding until a time when it was too long :-).

Eventually have whittled it down to three pages, however always get a sense that it is incomplete. Having changed jobs recently, have been through the entire interviewing life cycle and realized the fact that the basic resume is just a teaser. The real value lies in the face 2 face or video conference discussions with the individual. This is where one realizes the value of the non verbal
communication which supposedly is order 70%.

I do think the time has come for us to have all job postings listed as videos by the prospective employer/hiring manager/consultant. I do want to see the conviction in their eyes regarding the role. At the same time given the fact that we are a much more connected world (no man/woman is an island) and we need to work with other people in whatever we do, it would be soooooo much better to have your own personal resume as a video. Recruiters – take a clue from the dating/marriage bureau organizations.

Yours views as always are welcome,preferably as a video file 😉


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